A Space Apart began designing and building websites in 2013 for musicians and organisations looking for sleek and stylish websites that would be easy to maintain, and most importantly, would function and look great across the ever-increasing diversity of platforms and devices websites are viewed on. 

Not only can A Space Apart design and build your website to showcase your work, but we can also incorporate commerce into your site, enabling you to sell your products to an audience all around the world, be that physical or digital music sales, or concert tickets to your latest performances.

A Space Apart hosts its sites on the Squarespace platform. This ensures that going forwards, the websites we build will always function on any browser or device as Squarespace takes care of the constant updates to the behind-the-scenes coding. As a result, you will never encounter any additional costs for updating the site to future-proof it against browser or operating system updates. 

Not only will you end up with a website to showcase you and your business to the world, but you'll have an intuitive Content Management System behind your website, enabling you to keep your website content and material up-to-date. A Space Apart provide full, tailored briefing documents with every site we build so you can take control of your new website.